A little self-evaluation of things I feel like I’m good at/have made good improvement at and things that I feel like I need to work more at.
I think the categories to self-reflect on would be different for each artist depending on what’s important to their style.
Looking at this I can also see directly where my time and effort has paid off. the things I am better at are definitely what I’ve devoted work to: I’ve spent most of my life drawing faces, but mostly in neutral expressions, and I used to paint a lot. I should definitely work more on making my art more dynamic, lest my style be confined to Flemish Renaissance portraiture.
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colour study of an apple!
i love colours and i love apples and i’m loving SAI paint tool because it feels much more like traditional media :3
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boring default subject matter lmao
i got a new laptop recently and just installed Photoshop, which means i’m going to try drawing more often
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Sketch of the day: Docs Girl.
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float, fall
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Canvas  by  andbamnan